Proof that true stories are weirder than made-up stories.

Hey, this is the home of Chuck Shepherd's weekly News of the Weird newspaper column, which for 21 years has been the gold standard in reporting the bizarre and the ridiculous.

But there's more:

Here's Chuck's daily (Monday through Friday) take on the major weird news of the day, at, which by the way has a lot of other absurd and quixotic reports from Chuck's pals, Alex Boese and Paul Di Filippo.

Here is the current, and previous six months' weekly News of the Weird columns. Enjoy yourselves!

And here's a complete, word-searchable News of the Weird archive of stories back to the year 2000, at the website, but be careful if you try to search "pervert" or "Fla." or "arrested" because you'll kill your whole weekend!

Here's a list of story genres that Chuck has officially declared No Longer Weird. So, please don't get excited if you hear that a bank robber accidentally dropped his wallet in the lobby on the way out; they do that all the time!

This page is a register of murderers, and accused murderers, with the middle name of Wayne, all gathered by Chuck and his alarmed readers since 1995. You'll never look at your neighbor Billy Wayne Johnson the same way again!

Best of all: If you'd like free e-mails of (a) the weekly News of the Weird column, go here, or/and (b) Chuck's News of the Weird Daily post from, go here. (You'll have to sign up with Mr. Google, but he's cool.)

Or talk to Chuck directly, at Chuck at WeirdUniverse dot net. Every single note is read with Chuck's own two personal eyes (though, sorry to report, not necessarily responded to).


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